Banksy Channels Les Misérables’ Cosette in New Artwork

Street artist Banksy criticizes French authorities’ use of teargas in Calais refugee camp by compositing Les Misérables’ Cosette, seen on Les Misérables key art, with CS gas causing tears to run down the young girl’s face. The artwork is displayed on the French embassy in London, and features a QR code that links viewers to a video of the police raid. Read more about Banksy and the artwork here.

[, The Guardian; Photo: Christian Sinibaldi for the Guardian]

Rob Zombie, Heart, Panic! at the Disco Tours On Sale

Live Nation has three new tours that have just gone on sale: Disturbed and Rob Zombie on their Spring 2016 tour with Pop Evil; Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Cheap Trick on their Rock Hall Three For All tour; Weezer and Panic! at the Disco on their Summer tour. Get your tickets here.

11 New Toxic Suicide Squad Posters

I love these illustrations of the Suicide Squad characters and poster. The posters are simple but well-thought-out and the neon green-yellow colors, with grunge overlay, give the pieces a noxious feeling that we will experience when we see the movie.

Deadpool TV Spot #8 Is a Field Goal

During Saturday’s AFC Divisional Football game playoff, 20th Century Fox aired their eighth t.v. spot for Deadpool containing a few seconds of previously unaired footage (precisely 5% of new footage). I’ve been loosely following Deadpool’s marketing campaigns for a few months and I enjoy their unconventional, hilarious tactics to promoting the 6-year-long project featuring Ryan Reynolds as the leading character who breaks the fourth wall.

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