Steven Adler Joins Guns N’ Roses in Cincinnati

It’s quite the reunion. We all said Axl, Slash, and Duff getting back together would never happen … not in this lifetime. We were wrong. Now, GnR has proved us wrong again, rather delighting Cincy fans with the return of Steven Adler. Adler joined his former bandmates (along with current members) – singer Axl Rose, guitarist Slash, bassist Duff McKagan, as well as keyboardist Dizzy Reed, guitarist Richard Fortus and drummer Frank Ferrer – for “Out Ta Get Me” and “My Michelle.” Find tour dates to Not In This Lifetime Tour here


Bryan Adams Releases New Music Video “Don’t Even Try”

Bryan Adams releases his new music video for “Don’t Even Try!” Definitely giving me the Beatles vibe, and quite humorous. Watch the new video above peep his interview with BILLBOARD.

Get his new album album Get Up here. For ‪#‎BryanAdamsGetUp‬ Tour Dates, click here.

Bryan Adams "Don't Even Try" Music Video
Bryan Adams “Don’t Even Try” Music Video

Bryan Adams "Don't Even Try" Music Video
Bryan Adams “Don’t Even Try” Music Video

Bryan Adams "Don't Even Try" Music Video
Bryan Adams “Don’t Even Try” Music Video

Interview: Steven Tyler Talks ‘Out on a Limb’ Solo Summer Tour

Markos Papadatos of Digital Journal sat down with Aerosmith frontman, Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Famer Steven Tyler to discuss Tyler’s “Out on a Limb” tour, which kicked off its first night last week, July 2, at The Venetian Theater in Las Vegas.

When asked what he is looking forward to on this tour, Tyler said, “It’s a cross probably between the looks on people’s faces when we rip into either this new version of ‘Janie’ that I put together, and it’s going to be on the record. It’s a little bit darker than the other version but it’s countrified a little. Also, the look on people’s faces when I rip into ‘Only Heaven’ and ‘We’re All Somebody from Somewhere.'”

Read Digital Journal’s full interview here. Find “Out on a Limb” tour dates here.

Pierce Fulton Shares Newfound Excitement for His Music

“And then finally with this new style, I’ve just felt excited again. It’s a good feeling.”

It’s two hours until gates open for the second day of Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. While the Headliners, a term coined by Insomniac Events founder Pasquale Rotella for attendees of his many festivals, are getting ready for the night’s antics at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where the festival is held, Pierce Fulton is enjoying a beer at the Seahorse Lounge in Caesar’s Palace after flying in a few hours prior. He seems nonchalant from afar but you can see his eyes glistening with excitement the closer you approach him; he’s about to make his EDC Las Vegas debut at Stage 7. “Ever since I became a DJ, all I’ve ever heard about was EDC Vegas, EDC Vegas, EDC Vegas. So, one of the reasons why I’m so excited is that I’ve never even seen nor been to it,” Pierce joyfully conveys. “The fact that this is my first time and I’m playing it, it’s a crazy experience.”

The 24-year-old progressive house DJ from Vermont has been impressing the masses with his unique take on dance music: combining tribal and timeless sounds with upbeat dance synths and airy vocals. Ever-changing with influences from various corners of the musical spectrum, his music has the power to sway you. It compels you to sing along as if you’ve listened to his music for years. Songs like “Kuaga,” his 2015 single that topped the Billboard Twitter Trending 140 chart, and “Where We Are” exemplify such musicianship and mastery in musical flexibility, making him a successful artist who’s quickly rising in status. “Kuaga” is a step towards a three chord structure, he mentions, where he integrates African chants, vocal elements influenced by “Prelude” by Above & Beyond and “Reaper” by Pryda, his two favorite songs, to add grace and youthfulness. And “Where We Were” is a song with traditional progressive house chords that features vocals from Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Polina. Much so that these tracks, among others like “Runaway” and “Sink or Swim,” have been featured on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy with Pierce as a guest DJ, seemingly fit for the music podcast thousands of people listen to every week.

“This is the first time I’m excited about my music in a very long time.”

Pierce grew up listening to blues and classic rock, influences that are apparent in many of his songs. “Losing You,” which he recently released after working through 10 versions the past three years, bridges two musical genres, blues and dance, in ways that seem impossible; he able to achieve the impossible. The song’s synth beats drive the tempo while saxophones and trumpets invigorate its melodic structure. The song’s soulful vocal belting of “I’m hurt, downhearted. No worry though. Ooh baby, I’m losing you” lyrics add to its penetrating effect.

Earlier this year fans got a taste of Pierce’s musical repertoire live at his solo So Much More Tour, a twenty-one-city tour at nightclubs in San Francisco, Orlando, Miami etc. Indeed, we are experiencing so much more from Pierce at this very moment because much of his recent singles display a different side of his creativity and ingenuity. One month ago, Pierce released “False Proof,” a bluesy song featuring his own vocals and instrumentation (guitar, drums, et al). “It’s the spontaneity and writing music with live instruments … it’s so much more fun than sitting and clicking on a computer … like I can barely write music that way anymore,” he says. But “False Proof” isn’t the only song that indicates this shift in musical style. His new Borrowed Lives EP, which is set to be released later July 22nd, will feature songs with his own vocals and instrumentation. “I wrote False Proof in my bedroom one day on my shitty microphone, and it became a song. And that’s what’s crazy about this EP. It’s the most raw and honest approach to songwriting. There was no tampering with it. There was no influence from anyone else. I had to work with what I had and it’s pretty weird. I’m excited. This is the first time I’m excited about my music in a very long time.”

Pierce Fulton performs Stage 7 at EDC Las Vegas 2016 [Photo: Chris Wei Hong]
Pierce Fulton performs Stage 7 at EDC Las Vegas 2016 [Photo: Chris Wei Hong]

Talking to Pierce, you can feel the genuine passion he has for his new music. You can see his passion and excitement hundreds of feet away from the stage. “It’s very simple and raw. I’m not that great of a singer, but it’s a little more honest than my older vocals. You just know what works. So when you go back to a time where … back to when I made dance music, I had that feeling. But I haven’t felt it in while. And then finally with this new style, I’ve just felt excited again. It’s a good feeling. That’s what’s cool about my new music. You can hear that.”

Pierce will be releasing his EP on Soundcloud and Spotify July 22nd. Visit his website for information on where he’ll be spinning next. *This is an article I wrote for AXS.

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